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amigobro2's Journal

Hey, my full name is Justin James Lee Tobias-Carson, I was born on September 12, 1989, and my goal is to become a great director of animations & film/videos and anthropologist. My best friends are Luis Armando, Nick, Jose, actually I also consider all my true close friends, best friends as well, and all my best friends are my bros, mis hermanos, my family. ^_^

Besides that I'm mostly VERY shy and don't talk a lot, but I want to try to be more outgoing, I can be really interesting when I start talking (can't stop when I do, so be warned, lol), though I'm can be weird sometimes, I'm pretty much down to Earth. I really just want some friends to talk with about anything, plus I'm a real good listener, so speak what's on your mind.

My favorite sports are Soccer and Baseball. I want to try "DJ"ing. I really like anime, but I'm not an オタク "otaku", lol. I pretty much like to watch, listen, and do anything, I'm not too picky. I'm an A student. I can speak a little Spanish, and I want to learn Portuguese, Japanese, actually I want to learn all the languages, even the Adamic Language (original human language).

Also, I'm bi-asexual (biromantic asexual), if you wanna know what that is just ask! ^_^
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