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MRCA Question!

Click here to see what MRCA is, if you don't already know!

Do you think people would change (as in, treat each other as family) if they knew/learned about the "Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA)"?

Yes! Of course!
No! People are stubborn!
Don't know
Don't Care

My New SUV!!!

    Well, even though I HATE DRIVING, I got a new SUV! And a really nice one at that!!! It's a '97 GMC Jimmy, red with gray/silver highlights (or whatever you call them), 4x4, automatic, V6 engine, used, in real good condition! Plus, we only got it for like $5-6 thousand!!! Here are some pictures, even though these are not of the actual one I'm getting, they're the same model, year, and color:

Here's the color scheme (though mine has a lighter gray/silver) of my SUV, however, this is a '96, and also, mine doesn't have that thing on the front hood:

Here's the year, but not the color, this is what mine looks like, shape and form-wise:

I Regret.....

    Have you ever regretted anything in your life? Well, a few years ago, I would have said no, but now, I really do regret something.....I regret having ever gotten SO obsessed over not losing "a certain someone", SO obsessed that I nearly, completely ruined relationships with other people, especially three specific ones, one of which I'm currently in danger of losing entirely cause of my stupidity, another one, while damaged, is more easier to repair, while the last one is fine. I cry sometimes, cause I really miss the feeling of happiness, joy, and love, I felt from these three, the few I called my brothers, who called me their brother too. Now, I feel sad and alone, cause we don't have the relationships we used to, and it didn't even need to be this way! They warned me! They told me what would happen! They knew how it was going to be like if I continued on that way! They told me why I shouldn't! They told me! I asked them for their opinions and thoughts, and they told me! They said that they thought that I should just forget about it, and move on! They told me! THEY TOLD ME!!!!! And you wanna know what?! They were right! They were SO freaking right!!! They told me that stuff, not to make me sad or that they didn't care about me, no, they told me cause they know I was gonna feel even worst if I continued on chasing after "this particular person"! They told me cause they cared, cause they "loved" them!!! Yet, I was SO freaking blinded by that so called "love", which I really don't think was "love", I did 'love' that person, but I don't think I "loved" them, even so, no love is worth not listening to people that ACTUALLY mattered, if this person was SO important, and if I really "loved" them like that, then I wouldn't have been SO obsessed over them! But, guess what?! I didn't listen, I didn't listen, and therefore I ruin three really great relationships with people I was WAY happier with, yeah, I was happy with that "person", but it just seemed surreal, this "person" was sending mixed signals, and we ALWAYS fought! Only sometimes did we actually talk without fighting. It took me 6 whole years to get over them, just got over them a few days ago, but now, the relationships I had with the other three, is different, we lost some of that "closeness" we once had, and I really miss that "closeness", would you? I never fought with these three, only a few times, enough times were it would prove that the relationships were "healthy".

    *Sigh* Why did I have to be such an idiot.....and more importantly, why didn't I listen.....now I have to pay for my actions, now I have to feel sad and alone and depressed, now I have to live with my choice and the consequences, good or bad, that came with it, now all I can do is just wait, and hope, that my relationships with my bros get better, even if I know that I may never get all of it back, that I'll never again feel that "closeness" with them, I just want it to be better, I just want good relationships with them, they don't have to be like before, I just want something better than what I have right now!!! And from this day on, I will NEVER, EVER put a "crush" over them!



    Out of everything in this world that humans have created, there is just ONE single thing I "hate" the most..........driving!!! Ever since I was younger I've always hated it! It just has this "dark aurora" surrounding it for me, I don't know why, and I serious don't care, it just does, it is what it is. Maybe it's because it for one, makes people even MORE rude than they would be just walking or riding a bicycle, two, it is one of the causes for obesity, as people don't walk and exercise enough, and three, it causes nearly ALL of the pollution in the world, causing global warming (disruptions of the ozone layer) and much of the sicknesses and diseases we humans have today. This is probably the reasons why I'm not too fond of this "luxury", yes luxury! The ONLY time it would NOT be a luxury, is if you use it ONLY if you REALLY HAVE TO! Not to just visit your friend or someone who lives like 3 blocks away, or just driving around for fun. People have told me that it is ridiculous on how people use automobiles, like driving to a place that would be nothing if they would have just walked there! Humans are just being lazy bums!!!!! That's why we ALL have the problems we do today, cause of the choices we ALL make with things like this! But exactly HOW can we change this, HOW can we make a better world for EVERYONE, we can't just ONLY care about ourselves and the people we like and who are closest to use, no, we have to put the ENTIRE human race into this equation!!!!! Cause we're ALL in this together, this is EVERYBODY'S home! How can we complain about not having equal rights, there being racism, hate, and stereotypes in the world, and us having all these problems and issues, if we don't treat each other equally, we feed all the racism, hate, and stereotypes with our own tongues, and start and cause problems and issues for others and expect that NO ONE will treat us the same way in return?!
    People don't realize this, but, "what goes around, comes around", it's karma, a boomerang you throw just waiting to turn around, and come back at you, full force! You treat someone like they're crap, you'll be treated like crap, you hurt someone on purpose, someone will hurt you on purpose, its a boomerang! Even if someone treats you horribly, don't be going around treating others, even the original person, just as badly, that's just not right, it's kinda messed up actually!
    However, what's even worst, I have to move to Los Angeles, California for college, California State University, Los Angeles, and I will have to drive around down there! Now, why is this SO bad you ask? Well, it made number 4 on the worst cities to drive in, where most of the people can't drive right, and where there's the most severe road rage! Plus to make it worst, I'm a beginning driver!!! Now do you see my dilemma!?
    I HATE driving and now I have to drive in one of the WORST cities to drive in!!!!! As the wise and great Yoshino Fujieda, from Digimon Savers, always says in these type of situations, "This is the worst!"
    Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE LA, and I want to live down there cause it's kinda the home for directors, plus there's a certain special someone I wanna be with down in that area, but I just don't like the driving part, I don't like the driving in ANY city, doesn't matter if the driving there's good or bad, I just don't like driving, PERIOD!!!!!

The Human Family!

    See, here's what's been bothering me, and really hurting me, both physically, emotionally, and mentally, I want to know, very badly, why do we, as a race, the human race, treat each other in the way we do? I by this I mean stuff like, racism, homophobia/heterosexism, sexism, ageism, xenophobia, religious intolerance, classism, and a lot more types of hate against specific groups of people, there's really no end to it! This has been bothering ever since I was young, and now being eighteen, it still bothers the heck out of me! That's why I wanna know what everyone else thinks should be done to change this.

    For me, I have a few ideas, my main one being to find a way to unite the entire "human race", or a better name would be the entire "human family"! I say "human family" because that is what the human race is, a family! Most humans just don't know it.....yet, but hopefully they will, as I suggested in my senior project paper. After reading what I wrote, I would like to know what everyone else thinks about a world where every human knew that they were related to all other humans making them family, do you think humans would treat each other with love, care, respect, and kindness, or do you think humans would still treat each other in the same hateful way they have been? Cause you have to remember, while most people do value their "family", there are still many others that do not and in fact there are even some who are hateful to them, they don't care if they are related or not! That is what makes this so hard, but then again most people do love their "families".....

    So, in the end, it all depends on the individual, I suppose. Now I would love to hear everyone else's thoughts and concerns, and if there is anything that you absolutely do not understand, if you have a question, or if you want me to explain more on a certain thing related to this,  you can also ask here! I won't bite!
Digimon Data Squad Premieres on.....

October 1st, 2007 at.....

8:30 PM

only on Toon Disney's Jetix!

WtW News Exclusive!
What's the best advice you've given or gotten for taking good photos?
Don't smile "too" much or "too" little, only smile just enough!

Digimon World Online

Digimon World Online (デジモンワールドオンライン [Dejimon Waarudo Onrain]) is a new online Digimon video game that is supposed to be coming out on the PlayStation 3 in the future and will hopefully be a MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game, for those of you who don't know). I thought that I would just give out my opinions on what I would like to see in the game, and how it should be made, so here goes:

(These are some ideas I thought up and posted up on a couple of forums)

This game should be interesting, especially since Namco Bandai recently announced Dragon Ball Online for the Xbox 360. I hope that they will make this Digimon similar to that one, like for instance, it will be set in 'our world' but with characters from all series', players will be able to customize their avatars with a variety of options, including gender, hairstyles, colors, and clothing, etc. and maybe even giving the players the option to start their adventure as a child, allowing their characters to age and grow up into adults as they play the game, like in 02, or even as a Digimon. That would be great! Also, they could put in every single official Digimon to date (all 800+), and have updates. And players would be able to travel anywhere in the real world (US, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, literally anywhere where humans live) and also in the Digital World (again anywhere there too), group up with other players, and fight evil Human and Digimon alike, and maybe even fight amongst themselves.

If you wanna see the DBO game, to see what I mean, you can find that Namco Bandai could really make a
GOOD online Digimon game, if they follow the same format they're going with, with DBO:
Wikipedia-Dragon Ball Online
Official NTL Japanese site
Another (official) site (for Polish click on Poland's flag, for English click on the UK's flag)

Hopefully they will follow this format...HOPEFULLY!
I wonder how they will go about with this game...

Like if it will be like the Digimon World series before it, or if it will something else. If it will be like a trading card collecting/battling game or if it will be a adventurous one.

I, personally, would like to see them make this game similar to Digimon World (the first one) and Digimon Savers: Another Mission, with the player only having "one" Digimon and raising it, I don't want players to have multiple Digimon, and I really don't think that would be possible anyway because the space and speed of the game would be low and slow. But anyway the game would be better with just one partner Digimon because 1) the game will be very similar to the anime, as each human has only one Digimon partner (with the exception of Willis/Wallace of course, and to a extent Ai and Mako sharing Impmon), 2) it will make the game more challenging and keep players on their feet, plus make it more realistic in a way, 3) it seem 'more' original, if you know what I mean, 4) it would give the feel of actually having a Digimon partner, like in the anime, 5) it would make the game similar to the first Digimon World.

Continuing, like I said earlier, it should be set in 'our' Real World, not in any the Digimon Universes from the anime and manga, however, the characters from all the Universes would be in the game, like maybe only in the Digital World or the Real World too. Some of the 'quests' should include searching for the tags & crests of Adventure, the digi-eggs of 02, the Evolution/Blue/Red cards of Tamers, the spirits of Frontier, and the Digimemories of NEXT, and any other items that would be wroth looking for, even new DWO exclusive ones. For the Digivice/device being used by the players, I was thinking of something very different, I was thinking of having a "special" Digivice/device that can switch between and have all the abilities of all the Digivices from the anime, this would allow for the items collected to be used.

As I said earlier the player avatars should be able to be customized with being able to choose being either a Human or Digimon (maybe), the gender, their hairstyles, colors, clothing, etc., also the option to start as a child and grow into adulthood. Now I was thinking either the design of the avatars could be very realistic, as to looking like "real" humans, or in the designs of the anime/manga, or both mixed together. This is difficult to decide because most PS3, and all next gen consoles in general, games have more realistic designs/graphics, ie. Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, etc., which do look good.

The players would also be able to travel to the Digital World and Real World via all the possible ways that were shown in the anime/manga, plus more. These ways would be using the gateways in Adventure, computers/laptops to travel through the "Digi-ports" like in 02, going through a Digital Portal like in Tamers, riding Trailmon into the Digital World like in Frontier, Digital Dive from a DATS machine like in Savers, and any other ways.

The gameplay could be like free-style and when roaming or in battle, the player could switch who they control (Human and Digimon), this would be good because when as a Human it would be like DW1 were you only tried to tell what attacks your Digimon could use, while your Digimon using AI fights on his own while you just make sure it stays alive, and when as a Digimon you could carry the Human or when in battle fight on your own, while the Human avatar is using the AI. Also the game could include things like "raids" (which is a type of mission in a online video game where a [very] large number of people combine forces and group up to defeat a [rather difficult] boss), player vs. player, dueling, and players creating teams/groups of their own to travel with. The classes could be like leader, lone wolf, computer whiz, healer, or something like that.

Missions/storylines/events, in the form of expansions and updates, could include things like searching for 'said' item(s), defeating bosses like the Seven Great Demon Lords, Royal Knights, Digimon Sovereigns/Holy Beasts, Olympus Twelve, Devas, Devimon, Myotismon/Vamdemon, Apocalymon, Dark Masters, Diaboromon, to name a few potential bosses...
I want them to have it so that you can travel the entire Digital World, and possibly the Real World too, if they could fit it in there, lol.
Well, that's all the ideas I have, for now.

What Do You Have To Say? - Trading Spaces

If you could be another person for a day, who would it be and why?
If I could be another person for a day, I would have to pick one of my best friends, Jose Garcia! The reason why is because I really look up to him and I see him as my big brother (we are born in the same year, but he is just 6 1/2 months older than me), and I even call him aniki (兄貴) which is honorable in Japanese for older brother. Ever since I meet Jose, he always treated me like his little brother, and I always thought he was the coolest guy on the face on the Earth! He is strong, cool, confident, loyal, smart, trustworthy, kind, and funny! Also, I know he cares about me a lot because he would protect me from bullies, fights, or whatever, if I really needed help, just like how older brothers are there to protect their little brothers. I would love to see how it feels to be in the day and life of my aniki, Jose Garcia! ^_^

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