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Global Human Family Organization

OK, so I have this idea for a way that can better relations between people all over the world and unite the human family. Basically, it will be a non-profit organization, that will be worldwide (hopefully a center in every country), where people from each individual country will participate and join the centers and try to teach and spread the word of peace, unity, and the oneness of the human family, also the teachings of Mahatma Karamchand Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Sr. César Chávez, the only three men whom have 100% of my respect and admiration for, my mentors, my teachers, my sensei. Even though this will have a lot to do with them, this will mainly be MY way in my OWN journey and fight for world peace, unity, and bringing the entire human family back together as one people, as our family was before, according to the stories of "The Tower of Babel". My way, however will be a tad bit different from that of my predecessors, my way will have a few additions, that of anthropology, genetics, genealogy, and genetic genealogy, and maybe a little bit of film as well if the need arises for it.

One thing that I must stress though, although I will be the founder of this organization, I will not be a member of it, I want to leave that to the individuals from each country. My reasoning behind this is something that I want to keep to myself however. Let's just say that I think that an organization run by members who WANT to change the world, of their own accord, can do so as they feel fit, save that it is in a peaceful, non-violent manner, this will be much more useful than a person who created the organization itself whom is also apart of it, it would be much more difficult for me to try to convince people in let's say China as a member of the organization, than it would for actual citizens of said nation. Therefore, I will not be an active member, just a supporter and donater to the cause.

This project will of course start in the States, and hopefully with time it will expand to the rest of the world, I want it to grow in the easiest countries to get in, which I believe are, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Puerto Rico, many of the other Latin American countries, Japan, the UK, Spain, Portugal, India, many countries in Africa, Australia, New Zealand. This is because these select countries are easier to access, because they are the ones who will most be likely to promote world peace, not to say that none of the other nations do not, just saying, it is easier to expand, once people in those nations spread our message to their neighboring nations. It's better to start off small, and grow when the time is right. Also, I very sure the United Nations will be glad to help in this cause.

This is my plan, I'm still trying to think of the name for the organization, but I have a few in mind...

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